Prateek Grand City Siddharth Vihar

Prateek Grand City is a heavenly community where dreams come to reality with the poetic flow of themed classical gardens. The poetic language is well connected with the buldings which are name after flowers which brings fantasies and wonders to the garden. It’s a community, where neighbors become friends with the abundance of amenities provided. The scenic beauty of these gardens complement and harmonize with the elegant and handsome classical architecture from Architect Hafeez Contractor. Not to mention just gardens, the philosophy of a family nucleus is well balanced in Prateek Grand City Siddharth Vihar with facilities that’s designed for all ages. For the young ones we have Grand Fantasia - Children’s Play, where the children will be fantasized with the assortment of equipment play which builds and stimulates them. For the adventurous we have the Grand Fantasia - Recreation Play, where every kind of sports activities is available such as Tennis Courts, Multi-Purpose Courts, Volleyball and Badminton courts etc. For the adults there is themed garden, design with the camellia flower set as the central iconic plant. For the elderly Prateek Grand Camellia Healing Garden is designed which is more like a sensory garden and evoke the five senses when one is in the garden. Amphitheater is also designed to holistically blend with the classical theme of a beautiful garden. Aromatic plants, water feature, flowering beds, reflexology path are just to name a few that is found in the garden.

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